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The 2016 WBU/ICEVI General Assembly takes place August 18 to 25 in Orlando, Florida, USA

​​Audio Streaming​
The American Council of the Blind Radio (ACBRadio) provides audio streaming for each plenary session and some breakout sessions. The channel information and audio stream link can be found at:


By Penny Hartin, CEO

The planning for the 2016 General Assembly that will once again be held in cooperation with the ICEVI and being hosted by the National Federation of the Blind (USA), is well ​underway. This article provides the important information about the Assembly that will help you in your own planning. 

​Registration is no​w open. To register, click on the following link:​
Please note that registration for the WBU/ICEVI General Assembly is only available online. Registration will close on 1 June 2016.

The full Assembly event will take place from Thursday, August 18 to Thursday, August 25th, 2016


It should be noted that these dates include the entire Assembly event comprising the following:

  • Thursday August 18 – WBU Executive meeting and other WBU Pre-Assembly committee meetings
  • Friday August 19 – Monday August 22 – WBU General Assembly
  • Monday August 22 – ICEVI Paper presentations (ICEVI will also join the plenary for the WBU GA closing ceremonies)
  • Tuesday August 23Wednesday August 24 – Joint WBU/ICEVI concurrent sessions
  • Thursday August 25 – ICEVI General Assembly

For the full WBU/ICEVI Joint assembly program outline, click on the following document link:​ 

Joint Assembly program outline.docxJoint Assembly program outline

The Assembly event will be held at the Rosen Centre Hotel, which has been used for a number of years by the NFB to hold its annual conventions. 

It's adress is:
​  Rosen Centre Hotel
 9840 International Drive, Orlando, FL 32819

All Assembly events and accommodations will be located in the same venue, which makes it very convenient for everyone.
The hotel is well laid out and easy to get around; there are also lots of restaurants, some shopping and other attractions close by and it is very easy to walk on the footpaths around the hotel area. The NFB was also able to negotiate a very favorable room rate for us at about $125 USD per night per room, including all taxes. Please note, meals are not included in the room rate but the hotel has very good food service and there are lots of low cost options close by for breakfast and other meals.

​Expected Registration Fees
​The registration fees are expected to be similar to those charged in 2012; however it should be noted that lunches are not included in the fees although arrangements will be made for reasonable cost options for purchase. 

The registration fees for advanced online registration are as follows:​

WBU General Assembly
Delegate                                 $350
Observer                                 $300
Guide/Interpreter                     $250
Accompanying Person            $300
ICEVI Events & Assembly
Delegate                                  $300
Observer                                  $250
Guide/Interpreter                      $200
Accompanying Person              $250
Attendance at WBU & ICEVI
Delegate                                   $600
Observer                                   $500
Guide/Interpreter                       $400
Accompanying Person               $500

For onsite registrations fees, please refer to the Event Pricing on the General Assembly registration website:

A number of joint planning and WBU specific planning committees have been established for the Assembly Planning.
We will place the full GA Planning committee lists on the General Assembly page of the WBU Website.
Here are the committees that have been assigned thus far as well as their Chairs:
International Organizing Committee                  
   Arnt Holte
International Program Committee                  
   Fredric Schroeder 
Local Organizing Committee                              
   Marc Maurer
WBU Delegate Support Committee                  
   Terje Iversen
WBU Constitution Committee                      
   Wolfgang Angermann
WBU Nominations Committee                     
   ​Mr. William Rowland
Delegate Support Process
As in the past, a limited number of sponsorships are available to support the participation of delegates from developing countries to attend the General Assembly. The Delegate Sponsorships committee will meet in May of this year to finalize the process and application form. The application forms will be made available to members in August of this year and delegate support applications must be submitted by November 30, 2015It is expected that delegate support decisions will be made by January 31, 2016 so as to give sufficient time to make travel arrangements for delegates to obtain visas and so forth.
Please remember that only members who have paid their fees in full up to and including 2015, prior to submitting a sponsorship application will be considered, and no final approvals will be granted nor arrangements for participation commenced until 2016 fees are submitted. The membership fees committee will not entertain requests for fee relief at the point of reviewing sponsorship requests. Any such requests must have been dealt with in sufficient time for review and submission of fees prior to
the November 30th delegate support application deadline.

Delegate Confirmations
It would be very helpful if all members could confirm their voting delegates with the WBU office during 2015 if possible.
In any case, the final deadline for submission of delegate names will be June 15, 2016, as per the requirements set out in the WBU Constitution. 
Membership Fees payment
The deadline for payment of WBU membership fees in 2016 will be March 31, 2016. When sending out the invoices for 2015,
the WBU office will inform members of the amount of your 2016 fees in the event that you wish to pay those in advance in 201
If you choose to do that, we do employ a special accounting provision to hold fees in a s​pecial account until the year in which they are due to be paid. We are already doing this for many members who are in a lower fee category and who prefer to pay their full fees for the quadrennium in one payment so as to avoid excess wire transfer costs. This is not obligatory at all, but is an option for those who wish to use it given that the fee payment deadline will be earlier next year, because the Assembly is held in August.
Some Important Dates
You will of course be reminded of these dates in subsequent communications, but here is a list of dates and deadlines that you might find useful in your planning:
  • August 2015​                  – Delegate support applications available
  • November 30, 2015      – Deadline for delegate support applications
  • December 31, 2015       – Constitutional Amendment proposals submitted to Constitution committee
  • January 12, 2016           – Registration opens for Assembly events
  • January 31, 2016           – Delegate support decisions confirmed
  • March 31, 2016              – Membership fees for 2016 due
  • April 18, 2016                 – Constitutional Amendments finalized
  • May 18, 2016                 – Nominations for Table Officers submitted if nominee requesting distribution to membership
  • May 31, 2016                 – Final date for visa invitation letters
  • May 31, 2016                 – Registration Closes for Assembly events
  • June 15, 2016                – WBU Delegate confirmation deadline
I do hope that this information summary is helpful to you. We will plan to provide you with an update within each E-bulletin. 
For specific information, please feel free to contact me directly at:   ​


The WBU 8th General Assembly (2012) was a huge success.

We thank all of those who participated, loaned their time, and volunteered to help make our general assembly a success.
We will always have fond memories of our time in Bangkok among our many friends and colleagues. 

A special thanks to our host member, the Thailand Association of the Blind, for all your hard work. 

Audio-clips from the main sessions (saved by date) are available to listen to at American Council of the Blind Radio.

The link to their website is:​

Notes WBU 8th General Assembly 2012 - Bangkok.docNotes WBU 8th General Assembly 2012 - Bangkok

The 2012 Resolutions are available here:​

 8th General Assembly Accepted  Resolutions -final.doc8th General Assembly Accepted Resolutions 

The Table Officers elected in 2012 are listed under "About WBU" section with brief bios. 

Other documents generated for the assembly are stored under GA Documents. ​

There are notes from some of the presentations available under GA Updates. 

Thailand promotional image

The World Blind Union's members meet every 4 years and hold a General Assembly in order to review the work and accomplishments of the past 4 years and to set the new plans and directions for the next four. 2012 was a meeting year and the General Assembly took place in Bangkok, Thailand. The next GA will be in 2016. The General Assembly of Members is
the supreme governing body of the World Blind Union. Some functions carried out at the General Assembly include the following: 

  • ​Approval of Constitutional Amendments 
  • Election of Table Officers 
  • Adoption of Resolutions
  • Approval of quadrennial budget for the following term 
  • Acceptance of reports from Officers, Committees, and Working Groups regarding
    the past work period 

The Quadrennial Report for the period of 2009 to 2012 is now available for review.   ​

WBU Quadrennial Report 2009 - 2012.docWBU Quadrennial Report 2009 - 2012