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WBU expresses solidarity with members in the Bahamas

As the islands of Bahamas continue to recover from the devastating humanitarian crisis in the wake of Hurricane Dorian, the most powerful storm ever to hit the islands, the World Blind Union extends deepest sympathies and condolences to all members affected by the disaster.

The WBU is monitoring the crisis with deep concern.  As aid agencies and emergency responders scramble to reach out to thousands of people affected by the storm, the WBU is calling for full support and accessible services to blind persons and partially sighted persons.  It is critical that blind and partially sighted survivors of the storm are provided with accessible information such as audio, large print and braille formats. In addition, relief services including medical, health, rehabilitation and re-settlement should be accessible.
(Photo source: UN News

The storm caused severe devastation across the islands last week leading to deaths, destruction of homes and properties and cutting off power and communications. An estimated 45 people are reported dead while hundreds are missing. The United Nations estimates that over 70,000 are homeless and in urgent need of humanitarian aid.

The World Blind Union advocates for protection of the rights of blind and partially sighted persons in situations of disaster, humanitarian emergency or conflict, to ensure that all services and programs are accessible to them.