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Implementing the UN CRPD: United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD)
This convention can be accessed directly in the United Nations website:​

It is the main instrument for providing basic human rights to the world's disabled peoples, who number about 15% of the global population. While the UN Convention is an international instrument, its success in making a difference in the lives of a billion people rests with its implementation taking place at the national (country) level.  
As a leading international organization representing disabled people, we work to help members engage their governments to implement all aspects of the CRPD. With the generous support of CBM, we've hired a Human Rights Policy Advisor for our members to connect with in order to advance their human rights (Florence Ndagire​; email: We have both an FAQ sheet: UNCRPD general-WBU FAQ sheet.docUNCRPD general-WBU FAQ sheet and a toolkit: CRPD Toolkit - Final Mar 2012 to assist members to work with their national and local government agencies in order to implement the various aspects of this convention. As more documents become available, we will add these to the website. 

The WBU continues to work closely with other International Disabled Persons Organizations through the International Disability Alliance (IDA)​, monitoring CRPD progress and sharing successes and concerns with the UN bodies tasked with monitoring the use of the convention in all countries that have ratified the CRPD.    We also campaign for disability rights to be a crucial part of the Post 2015 UN development plans to ensure disabled people are not left out of important goals such as universal education or health care.
Members who want to learn more about how they can work with their local government to assist in implementing the CRPD, can contact the WBU office and we will support them with any CRPD concerns they may have. Also below find useful documents and reports regarding the UNCRPD: